Steel sheet pile cofferdam material requirements

New steel sheet pile acceptance, should have a factory certificate, mechanical properties and size to meet the requirements. After the repair or welding of the steel sheet pile, the application of the same type of steel sheet pile for the lock through the test. Acceptance or refurbishment of steel sheet pile, should be classified, number, registration storage, lock mouth shall not be water. With a length of 1.5 ~ 2.0m meet the type, specifications of the steel sheet pile to do the standard, all the same type of steel sheet pile to do through the inspection. Check the winch or winch to pull the standard steel sheet pile from the pile head to the pile end.

Where the steel sheet pile is bent, broken, lock mouth should be refurbished, according to the specific circumstances were cold bending, hot knock, welding, riveting, cut or long. When the length of the sheet pile is not enough, the same type of steel sheet pile can be used for strength welding. When welding, the first welding or welding joints will be welded together. And then welding and hoarding, adjacent sheet pile joints should be staggered. If you need to have a pile hole and pull the pile hole, it should be a good hole before drilling, pull the pile hole should be welded to stiffen the board, so as not to pull the pile when the crack.

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