Inspection of Steel Sheet Pile in Excavation of Urban Main Road Support

Steel sheet pile material inspection and appearance inspection, welding steel sheet pile, still need to test the welding parts. The steel piles used in the temporary support structure of the foundation pit are mainly subjected to the appearance inspection, and the steel sheet piles which do not conform to the shape requirements are corrected to reduce the difficulties in the process of piling.

Appearance inspection: including surface defects, length, width, height, thickness, end rectangular ratio, flatness and lock shape and other items. Note in the inspection:

  1. Fittings that affect the impact of steel sheet piles should be cut off.
  2. Cut holes, cross-section defects should be reinforced.
  3. If the steel sheet has a serious corrosion, the actual section thickness should be measured in order to determine whether the calculation needs to be reduced. In principle, all steel piles should be inspected.

Material inspection: the steel sheet metal base material of the chemical composition and mechanical properties of a comprehensive test. It includes the chemical composition analysis of steel, the tensile, bending test of the component, the strength test of the lock and the elongation test. Each type of steel sheet pile is subjected to at least one tensile and bending test. Every 25 ~ 50t steel sheet pile should be carried out two test pieces.

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