Correction of Steel Sheet Pile in Excavation of Urban Main Road Support

Steel sheet pile for the use of many times the material, in the course of the use of sheet pile deformation, damage, should be used before the correction and repair. The correction and repair methods are as follows:

  1. Surface defects repair: first cleaning defects near the surface of the rust and oil, and then use welding repair method to fill, and then grinding wheel.
  2. End plane correction: with oxygen acetylene cutting part of the pile end, so that the end of the plane perpendicular to the axis, and then use the grinding wheel on the cutting surface grinding trim. When the repair is not large, can also be used directly to repair the wheel.
  3. Pile flexure correction: the abdomen to bend the two ends fixed at the support point, with jack in the steel sheet pile at the cold bending correction. The lateral bending correction is usually performed on a special correction platform. If there is no correction conditions, the general existence of such problems in the pile disposal is not used.
  4. Pile body twist correction: This correction is more complex. The visual distortion is corrected by the method described in ③ above.
  5. Local deformation correction of the pile: the local deformation with oxygen acetylene hot baking and jack top pressure, hammer percussion method combined to correct.
  6. Lock deformation correction: the use of standard steel sheet pile as a plastic mouth tampon, the use of slow winch traction adjustment processing, or the use of oxygen acetylene hot baking and hammer percussion tire propulsion method to straighten the handle.

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