What are Tie Rods

Marine engines are fabricated with different components, which are held and tied together to complete the engine structure with the help of tie rods. As the name suggest, tie rods are long metal rods that are generally found at the periphery of the engine.

Functioning of Tie Rods

Tie rod is a long strong rod with bolts or tie bolts at both the end. This rod holds the three major engine components i.e. Cylinder block or entablature, “A” frame, and crankcase in compression and transmits the firing load to the bedplate.

The tie rods are fitted through the above mentioned components and are hydraulically tightened so that the whole engine can be held in compression.


Tie rods are placed as close to the centreline of the crankshaft of the engine to minimise the bending movement in the transverse girder.

(This article comes from Marine Insight editor released)

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