What are the Causes of Tie-Rod Breaking?

  • Tie rods are not properly tightened.
  • The material and threading of tie rod are under rated and not properly machined.
  • Aging of tie rod leading to failure or breakage.
  • Tie rods bolts are over tightened by hydraulic pressure crossing its elasticity limit.
  • Engine is over loaded or peak pressures of the cylinders are very high.
  • Previous fretting of engine mating surface.
  • Foundation bolts have become loose or chocks are damaged leading to transmission of vibration in to tie rods.
  • Scavenge fire loosen the rods as they pass from the scavenge space and the heat leads to the expansion of the rods.
  • Tie rods consist of quenching screws, if they are loose it will lead to heavy vibration leading to loose or crack in the rod.
  • If the ship face very heavy weather, the fluctuation in the marine engine load may cause loosening or breakage of the rods.

(This article comes from Marine Insight editor released)

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