What are the preparations for the steel sheet pile?

The position of the steel sheet pile should be such as to facilitate the construction of the foundation, that is, outside the edge of the foundation and leave the floor.

In particular, if the use of steel sheet pile for the base plate or pile foundation platform side of the mold, you must lined with fiberboard or oil felt and other isolation materials, so that steel sheet pile pull out.

The layout of the steel sheet pile should be as straight as possible and avoid irregular corners in order to make full use of the standard steel sheet pile and facilitate the provision of support.

For multi-layer support steel sheet pile, should first open the trench installation support and pre-tightening force (about 50% of the design value). And then excavated to reduce the deformation of steel sheet pile support.

For the steel sheet pile wall should be set in the sheet pile seams set up a reliable anti-seepage and sealing structure, if necessary, after the pile in the pit outside the steel sheet pile at the mouth of the grouting seepage.



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