U type sheet pile and its size calculation

U type pile is a new type of application support structure which has just started in recent years. Because U type cross-section of the structural design, not only can save material, but also to ensure its adequate bending performance and shear strength. However, due to the cross-sectional thickness of the pile structure is small, there is no connection between the pile and other issues, if you need to enter the pile will take a long construction time. At the same time, in the process of calculating the geometrical size of U type piles, it is necessary to select and design the pile type reasonably, and combine the actual situation of water dike project according to the size of supporting pile. Not only to meet the support requirements, but also give full play to its sealing effect, to achieve the sheet pile as a block pile type design effect, and maximize the U type piles used in water conservancy projects in the advantages. At the same time, the connection between the U type sheet pile and the pile needs to be sealed. In addition, if the mechanical calculation method according to the structure and bearing capacity, the bearing capacity calculation process is complex, the equivalent method required by the cross-sectional form rule. As the U type support pile is mainly subjected to the horizontal earth pressure and the opposite direction of the ring beam transfer, the U type pile will be subjected to bidirectional bending and shearing. From the analysis of the principle, the equivalent cross section of the U type plate pile should choose reasonable symmetrical cross section, and then ensure the application effect of U type plate pile in water dike.

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