Characteristics of back bolt type without keel dry anchoring system

The use of rain curtain principle: “multi-cavity decompression, isobaric waterproof, decompression and elimination.” With ventilation function, insulation, sound insulation, energy saving and environmental protection. According to the experts pointed out: horizontal seam open – 5.1% into the ventilation chamber, only 0.3% of the rain reaches the insulation layer; all slit open – 16.6% into the ventilation chamber, only 0.4% of the rain reaches the insulation layer; system drying time – There is light 24 hours dry.

L-type plug using the principle of planting bars and wall connection, but also to the insulation layer to play a reinforcement role.

Back bolt type anchor special self-test function, at the same time can be applied in the thin decorative panels, but also reduce the load on the wall.

To avoid the traditional keel frame shape, greatly reducing the cost, while the construction speed for the traditional 2 to 3 times.

System structure is simple, decorative panel removable replacement, low maintenance costs.

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