How can I safely use pipe gas?

Pipeline gas relative to the traditional liquefied gas is both convenient and economical, but the safe use can not be ignored, the recent gas safety accidents around the frequent, in this way to share the safety of pipeline gas use common sense.

Normal pipe gas flame color is light blue, if it is yellow or red, may be stove pipe is poor, or pipe network pressure is too low. At this time you can call the service hotline for advice and repair.

It is strictly forbidden to seal the various vents of the kitchen and keep the indoor and outdoor ventilation so that even if the indoor gas leaks, it can spread as soon as possible to the outside and reduce the risk of deflagration.

Always pay attention to check the connection between the stove and the pipe hose, to prevent aging leakage, usually should be replaced once a year.

Stove hit the fire, or use the fire when the fire or intermittent and so on and other symptoms, should be stopped in time to use, make stove after-sales service, timely maintenance.

Actively cooperate with the gas company for security checks, usually the gas company every two years will organize a comprehensive indoor gas safety inspection. Once at home smell the rotten eggs, the smell of gas leaks, should avoid the fire, the timely closure of the power gate, window ventilation, went to the open air to call the phone alarm and reported after-sales service.

Without the relevant permission and professional advice, is strictly prohibited unauthorized access to various types of gas.

Cooking and cooking time, the stove should not leave, do a good job should be closed after the stove and the valve, stove should choose a stove with a flame protection device.

It is strictly forbidden to hang things on the gas pipe, drying clothes, or wrapped in gas piping with something. If the home decoration is any change or influence to the pipeline, the gas company should be consulted in time.

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