What are the types of sheet pile support?

Sheet pile support According to the presence or absence of an anvil structure, there are two types of anchor plate and an anchor plate pile.

No anchor plate pile is cantilevered plate makeup. This pile is very sensitive to the nature of the soil, the size of the load is very sensitive, because it only rely on the soil part of the soil to maintain the stability of the board makeup. So its height is generally not greater than 4m, otherwise it is not economical, it is only applicable to the shallow foundation pit soil support.

Anchorage sheet pile is fixed in the upper part of the plate with a pull anchor device to improve the support of the board makeup. Single anchor sheet pile is commonly used as an anchor form of anchor plate pile. It is composed of sheet pile, beam, tie rod, anchor pile and nut, etc., steel sheet pile through the beam (steel), steel rod, nut fixed on the anchor pile.

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