Discussion on how to control the foundation pit of steel sheet pile construction

In recent years, with the continuous development of the construction of various cities, the density of urban pipe network construction is also increasing, Larsen steel sheet pile leasing people increased, but in the construction of pipe construction construction Larsen steel sheet pile construction The problem of foundation pit cracks has become particularly prominent. Today, Larsen steel sheet pile manufacturers to talk about Larsen steel sheet pile construction pit cracks how to control.

In the trench construction process there is a more obvious phenomenon, there are Larsen steel sheet pile wall groove 2-3m outside the location of the existence of a longitudinal horizontal cracks, and the geological situation is better groove side of the wall is not supporting the project Paragraph basically does not exist this phenomenon.

We mainly make a brief analysis of the formation of this crack in order to be able to more objectively understand the causes of cracks and master the measures of crack control, so that Larsen steel sheet pile lease to normal operation. The excavation and unloading of the pit during the excavation of the foundation pit causes the maintenance structure to produce horizontal displacement under the pressure difference inside and outside the envelope, causing the deformation of the outer soil of the envelope, which causes the settlement of the outer structure of the foundation pit, and The unloading of the foundation pit will also cause the uplift of the pit soil.

It is believed that the movement of the strata around the foundation pit is mainly due to the deformation of the envelope and the uplift of the pit. The most direct reason for the movement of the trenches around the trenches is the horizontal displacement of the surrounding walls. When the trenches are shallowly excavated, they are not provided with support for rigid strength (such as cement- (Such as Larsen steel sheet pile, underground continuous wall, etc.) are the largest wall displacement, the direction of the horizontal direction of the trench was triangular distribution, cracks will not occur in the pit outside.

The main road of the city has the function of distributing traffic and service. The buildings on both ends are denser, the groundwater level is high, the soil is mainly silt and saturated soil, the underground pipeline is complicated and the geological environment is bad. The Larsen steel sheet pile high strength, the pile between the pile tightly connected, good water barrier, can be reused, apply to the section; so the road support the use of Larsen steel sheet pile. However, the longitudinal cracks in the pit outside the support of the Larsen steel sheet piles have some safety risks for the underground pipelines and the surrounding buildings. We must pay attention to the unnecessary losses, and make the following suggestions to control the deformation and cracks:

  1. Increase the depth of the Rosen steel sheet pile;
  2. Increase the envelope and support stiffness;
  3. According to the actual situation to strengthen the pavement passive area soil;
  4. Reduce the excavation support time, with the excavation with the lower tube to reduce the trench exposure time;
  5. The influence of precipitation on environmental deformation is controlled by the depth of the envelope and the layout of the drainage wells.

Do the above points, while strengthening the monitoring to ensure the safety of foundation pit construction. With the continuous progress of the project, and constantly strengthen the construction technology summary and on-site management, the use of more scientific methods to optimize the construction side of the proposed construction program to ensure that the construction quality control construction costs, through the unremitting efforts of all staff to protect the heating pipe network and heat Station works can be safe and smooth, the quality and quantity of the completion.

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