Classification and performance characteristics of steel sheet pile

Steel sheet pile as a new type of construction steel, with a strong disaster relief function. Especially in the flood control, landslides, collapse, quicksand disaster relief, the duration of short quick, timeliness strong, free from weather conditions, can simplify the inspection of materials or system performance of complex procedures, has a unique function and advantages.

Steel sheet pile products according to the production process is divided into: cold-formed thin-walled steel piles with non-bite-type cold-formed steel sheet pile (also known as the channel plate) and the mouth-type cold-formed steel sheet pile (divided into L-type, U type, Z type). At present, Z-type and AS-type steel sheet pile production, processing and installation process is more complex, mainly in Europe and the United States more applications.

Advantages: size specifications, superior performance, reasonable cross-section, high quality, lock bite with tight water barrier. Both types of steel piles can be used in permanent structures such as refuse dock, loading dock, retaining wall, breakwater, diversion dike, dock, sluice, fishing port, water stop wall and road bank structure.

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