Grout-Swivel System for Rig Installation

For simultaneous drilling and grouting installations a grout-swivel system is required. The grout-swivel consists of a Grout Body and Grout Shank. The Grout Shank fits within the Grout Body and contains grout inlet ports. One end of the shank attaches to the striker bar while the other end attaches to the hollow bar anchor. The Grout Body contains an inlet pipe to allow grout to enter into the shank and down the hollow bar. The body remains stationary while the shank spins with the rotary action of the drill. To hold the body into position and prevent spinning with the rotary action of the drill, it is necessary to attach a locator frame from the body to the drifter.

Caution should be applied that only water or grout flush be used with the grout-swivel system. In all cases, grease should be applied to the grout-swivel system prior to use.

(This article comes from Williams Form Engineering edit released)

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