Three Details of Ground Anchor in Greenhouses

1. Good selection of quality ground anchor steel

In the construction of greenhouses, the anchor should be laid once, for many years to use. Ground anchor steel embedded in a section of the soil, exposed to the outside of a section, easy to rust, so the anchor used to produce the anchor must be better quality, durability, no rust. In the survey found that farmers have not been buried in the earth anchor, it has been rusty, it will obviously reduce the service life. Therefore, the reporter suggested to build shanty households, we must use high quality anchor anchor.

2. Pay attention to the depth of the pit

The anchor is not firmly fixed, the key to see how deep the anchor. Obviously the more shallow the laying of anchors, the less solid, the more likely to be pulled out. Reporters survey found that the new greenhouses after the completion of the wall in the east and west walls of the two anchors buried at the soil, mostly from the wall rolling down the loose soil. Many farmers in place to lay anchors, although the depth enough, but because of the loose soil layer, not easy to compaction, which led to the anchor is not solid. In this, the reporter suggested that the depth of buried anchor should reach at least half a meter, and must be hard solid soil layer, if the soil loose, can be taken first embedded part of the anchor, and then water Shen real, and then fill compaction .

3. Before use the ground anchor, placed a waste column, strengthen the firmness.

In order to further improve the anchorage of the anchor, it is suggested that before the laying of the ground anchor, a waste column should be laid horizontally on the inside of the ground anchor so that the anchor wire is attached to the column , Separated from the shed wall. This approach also facilitates the use of tightening machines to connect the wire to the ground anchor line.

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