Vinyl sheet pile installation

There are a large number of techniques to drive vinyl sheet piles. The system used is largely depending on the circumstances like:

  • Sheet pile length
  • On shore or off shore
  • Soil conditions
  • Water depth
  • Obstructions

In some situations, particularly when short lengths of Plastic Piling are being installed, it can be inserted into the ground by hand using a maul and Pile Cap. This is often the case in peat land areas, where the ground conditions are more favorable. When installing longer lengths, or where the ground conditions are more difficult, a Piling Hammer should be used. Driving the sheet pile directly can be done with a standard pneumatic hammer or a light vibrator with or without a clamp. This system is only suitable for driving at light conditions and to a limited depth.

For heavy conditions and installation from 4 m up to 8 depth it is advisable to used a steel support sheet pile with exactly the same shape as the PVC profile. With the support harder soil can be penetrated and installation is speeded up because the hammer does not have to be disconnected from the steel guiding sheet pile.

(This article comes from CeTeau editor released)

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