Steel sheet pile structure

Steel sheet pile cofferdam is the most common kind of sheet pile cofferdam. Is a steel sheet pile with a locking, which has a candy bar-shaped cross-section, and the Z-shaped trough, etc., a variety of sizes and interlocking forms. There Larsson common type, Lackawanna style and so on.

Its advantages are: high strength, easy to break into the hard soil; constructability in deep water, if necessary, with Diagonal bracing become a confining cage. Waterproof performance; energy needed to form various shape cofferdam, and can be reused many times, so it’s a wide range of uses.

Often used in bridge construction caisson top of the cofferdam, a wide range of its use. Column base, pile foundation and open-cut and so on the basis of the cofferdam.

These multi-use single-walled cofferdam enclosed within the cofferdam has vertical and horizontal support, if necessary, with Diagonal bracing become an enclosed cage. Column as the foundation of China Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, had used a circular steel sheet pile cofferdam, 21.9 meters in diameter, 36 m long sheet piles, there are a variety of sizes and interlocking forms. After the required strength back underwater concrete pumping and pier caps body building, pumping design depth of 20 meters.

In hydraulic structures in general, the construction area is large, the cofferdam used to make isomers. It consists of many interconnected system monomers, each of which in turn consists of a number of steel sheet pile monomer composition, intermediate monomer with tamped earth. The envelope cofferdam great range, can not support the weir wall supporting, so each monomer alone can resist overturning, sliding and interlock to prevent crack at. Commonly used form of a circular shape and the next.

1, steel sheet pile
2, on both sides of the joint structure
3, in the ground, water forming a wall